Monday, November 10, 2008

The longest weekend ever....

But it was super-fun. It started Friday when I took Emma Kate's Elmo cupcakes to her school. They were super-cute and I was so proud to take them to her class. (If I could add sound effects, it would be brakes screeching here).
Walked in with EK in one hand and Elmo in the other and headed for the front desk lady---who monitors everything that goes through the doors. "These go to TOTS." Just kidding. While they did not contain nut products, they were made in a place that DOES have nut products, and therefore not allowed in EK's classroom. At first I was mad. My perfect birthday weekend was ruined. (OK, so I am a little dramatic sometimes.......a lot of times). But then, I imagined my Birthday Twin's little boy and realized that while I wanted to be the cool mom who brought the super-cute cupcakes to EK's class......I did not want to be the mom that caused a little boy to go into anaphalactic shock. So, I brought them to work, where they were devoured very quickly.

I was successful in EK looking super-cute in birthday outfit #1. (which I did not get a good picture of).

Friday night, we took EK to her first Auburn basketball game. Lots of fun. At first she was skittish because the band was so close and loud, but by the 2nd quarter, she was grooving. She lasted over three quarters, so this was a success.

Saturday, me and mom took EK to the tailgate and opted to take her INTO the game for the first time. She was super-tired and only lasted one quarter....but that was ok. We headed home early and she was asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot. Since it was her "real" birthday we put a candle in an oatmeal cookie and sang happy birthday at exactly 6:19 p.m. She thought this was super-cool.
(Look Ma-Ma, Auburn is actually winning!!)

Sunday morning she was up and at 'em at 6:14 am, which is early for her. So, we decided not to fight it and the fam all got up. We had some last minute cleaning to do before the Elmo bash.

MeMe and Hoppy arrived about 11:00 and no one else existed. The party officially started at 2:00 and the cousins arrived and then no one else existed. She is so in love with my nephews (as am I) that she talks about them all the time. When she does get to see them, it is like being around celebrities. She just stares and follows. She might ask Joseph for his autograph one day.

She loaded up on cake and "prizes" and hammed it up for the camera.

Everyone headed out about 4:30 and daddy and Amy (we are getting better---I was "mommy"about 20% of the weekend) were super-pooped. We missed our two friends (May-May and Graham) but completely understood their not being there. MayMay was chilling at the Peanut festival with the grandparents and Graham is, well, in Singapore. So, we will play with them both very soon.
All-in-all, EK had an awesome birthday and we couldn't have asked for a better time!!