Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hey Baby

Every morning when Emma Kate gets up and every afternoon when I pick her up from school, I say "Hey Baby." Sometimes she is super cute and she says "Hey Baby" back. I love that, because lets face it, anything is better than "Hey Amy."

This morning I woke up and Emma Kate was in bed with me. Mikey T heard her coughing last night and put her in the bed with me and then he fell asleep on the couch! Well, I roll over when my alarm clock goes off and I cover her up and go get ready. Once I am ready, I grab her clothes and go to wake her up. I brush my fingers across her forehead to wipe her crazy mane out of her face. Her little eyes squinch and then open. A huge grin grows across her face and before I can say anything, she says, "Hey Baby!"

It was too funny. Then, we went through our daily routine. You can tell who is important in Emma Kate's life every morning. Every day, it is the same order........

EK: Errs Daddy?

Amy: He's at work

EK:Errs Untle Midal? (Translation: Uncle Michael)

Amy:He's at his work.

EK: Errs Hoppy? (Mikey T's Dad)

Amy: He's at his house.

EK: Errs Meme? (Mikey T's Mom)

Amy: She's at her house.

EK: Errs MaMa? (My mom)

Amy: She's at her work.

EK: Errs Bean? (My grandmother)

Amy: She's at her house.

EK: Errs Lucy? (Our dog)

Amy: She's right here!!

These are the important folks in her life...the people she needs a daily update on. It is like the president's daily CIA briefing. She wants to know where these people (and dog) are, why they are not with her and when they will be back. And it is in the same order every morning and usually every afternoon on our way home.