Thursday, November 13, 2008

Down Memory Lane

SIXTEEN years ago today Mikey T took me on our first date. It was Friday the 13th and the Mighty Warriors were in the State Playoffs (No really, they were, I promise!!). The game was in a not-so-nice part of town, and us JV cheerleaders were not required to attend. Since Mikey T's sport of choice was basketball, he didn't go either. ( mom would not let me go---thank goodness).
So, Mikey T and a friend in a navy blue T-Bird (awesome-ha) took me and my friend Morgan on a hot date. Two high school freshman and two high school juniors in Alabster---our choices were limited.

We headed to another friends house to watch Friday the 13th movies and then out to the local pizza hut to meet up with all of the crazy kids who were allowed to go to the game.

How romanitc, huh?

But, he was a gentleman and he did have me home by 11:00 on the dot. The next day I was out raking leaves with my mom and Mikey T randomly drives by. (I completely think this was a semi-stalking drive-by and he got busted because we were outside!!) I went with him to the grocery store and we went to his house to watch some college football with his parents. From then on we were pretty inseparable for a little over a year. There were homecomings and proms and mixed tapes featuring Air Supply, PM Dawn, BoyzIIMen and Whitney Houston. There were basketball games and dance competitions and golf tourneys (Mikey T was still breaking golf clubs back then). There were Friday nights at Pizza Hut, very dramatic break-ups and trips to the beach (which included Mikey T's food poisoning and a day spent at the Gulf Shores hospital with me and my mom). There were class rings and notes in between every class. There was NEVER any PDA (because I was a good girl AND my mom had eyes all over the school!) Then there were more very dramatic break-ups and graduations.

Mikey T graduated and went on his life's journey which took him to Auburn, up to Ohio and down to Florida.

I went on my life journeys which included Auburn, Birmingham, and CANADA.

Then, Mikey T ended up back in Birmingham and a chance run-in between our moms at the local grocery store led to us re-meeting.

Who'd a thunk---16 years ago that very high shool drama would lead us to our life now.

**I have a very hilarious prom picture that I will scan later......