Monday, October 13, 2008

Uncle Barry

If you know my uncle Barry, you love him. He one of the funniest humans on the planet. Even if you don't agree with him politically ( I don't) he'll make you question your own views. And if you don't agree with his choice of college team (I do), I am sorry.
Unlce Barry can sing. None of us really knew this until suddenly a few years ago, he started a band. Although the band has, well, de-banded, Barry will still fire up his guitar and sound equipment for the right cause. And this year, that cause has been Auburn football.
Every week at the tail-gate, Bar performs a song for the crowd about that week's game. They are hilarious. If you have time and you are anywhere near Jordan-Hare on a Saturday, swing by the tailgate and hear the latest tune.
Make sure you go the bathroom before you come, because you will pee your pants from laughter if you don't.
Barry also makes signs. Usually his signs are anti-other-team and quite funny. This week was more "focused" on the current situation on the plain. (Yes, it is plain, singular. Pet peeve, will discuss later).
Finally, Barry loves Emma Kate. Emma Kate is scared of Barry. Barry and fam come to Auburn almost every weekend. And Barry spends the first four hours of his visit beggin Emma Kate to come see him. Emma Kate just stares at him. She watches his every move, like a cat stalking its prey. If Barry moves, Emma Kate moves an equal distance away. Usually after about 4 hours of begging and bribing, Emma Kate will not squeal if Barry picks her up. And on really good days, she may even walk outside with him. But she never lets her guard down, you know, just in case.

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