Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Down on the Farm

My in-laws live in a nice neighborhood in Alabaster. They have for several years. Mikey T spent his Junior High and High School years there. The in-laws used to really like their neighborhood. A few years ago they got some new neighbors. The neighbors had a van. They parked the van in the back yard until weeds grew up over the van. Sheriff came; van was removed. The neighbors have several young kids who like to run around without clothing in the summer time. The neighbors had several dogs. Those dogs had more dogs. The dogs jumped the fence and got out. The neighbors put up chicken wire on top of the chain link fence, to keep the dogs in. It was an unsuccessful attempt and the dogs got out anyway.
So, one weekend, my father-in-law thought he heard something strange. Chickens. The neighbors now have one hen and one rooster on the back porch.
Now, there is nothing wrong with a little agriculture. But this is not an agriculture-zone area. This is a subdivision with manicured lots and a swimming pool. And now, chickens.


Marsha said...

No Hablo Espanol?

Vic said...

I know the place well. They have a great bnb. Stayed there Sat nite.
We had hot wing add chicken strioes for dinner while watching UA win and AU lose. Also had eggs for breakfast Sun morning. Ha! Sorry I missed you. Enjoy the blog and pics.