Friday, October 17, 2008

So glad it is Friday!

Wow, what a week.

  • There was a mini-crisis at work that could have cost us 2 months of work and $500,000.00, but we dodged that bullet.

  • Emma Kate got sent home from school yesterday with "uncontainable diaper issues." Supposedly, 5 kids in her class had the same issues. Emma Kate was sent home and told not to return until Monday. So, Mikey T went to school to pick her up. I am now suspicious becuase Emma Kate did not have another "diaper issue" all night and the kid was NOT sick. Quite contrary. Maybe they just wanted to get rid of all the kids for a long weekend? Will investigate further.

  • I have been on a sewing kick. I have made Emma Kate three halloween outfits. Not costumes--just outfits. Here is the first---my least fav. I also made her "fire safety" pants for last week's firetruck visit at school:

  • The others I have made are all about halloween: One is for the pumpkin patch this weekend and one is for her school carnival at the end of the month. I will post those as she wears them.

  • We are visiting the In-laws this weekend. Emma Kate is uber-excited. Next to Daddy, Hoppy is her favorite person on this earth. And sometimes, if candy is involved, he even beats Daddy.

  • I keep forgetting to post the video of Emma Kate learning to jump. She tried for days to get both feet of the ground at the same time. She was finally successful at the art museum.


Marsha said...

The video is soo cute. You can see the accomplishment on her face.

aedozier said...

HYSTERICAL!!! You make me laugh! EK is going to be just like you...I can see it. Have a good day. I am sure I will talk to you at some point.