Monday, October 20, 2008

The Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch & The Break-In

We went "home" to Alabaster this weekend to see MeMe and Hoppy and I was checking out mom's house which is about to be put on the market.

Saturday my cousins (also known as my work-horses) met me at mom's old house to finish painting the kitchen and what-not. The house is fairly empty, but in August my older brother and I had put the last of stuff in boxes and bagged up a ton of clothing for charity and trash for the dump.

When me and the cousins walked in the house on Saturday, it had been ransacked. It was unbelievable. Every bag and box had been ripped open, dumped in the middle of the room and sifted through. They also left behind some of their own goodies, including adult-entertainment magazines and other unmentionalbles.

CSI Alabaster showed up and took a bunch of pictures, dusted a bunch of things for fingerprints and "claimed" DNA samples from the unmentionables. They were very serious and did not enjoy any CSI jokes.

It was over-dramatic and laughable once you got past the pitifulness of it all.


Sunday was a much better day. We took Emma Kate to the Grand Ole Pumpkin patch in Clanton on our way back. MeMe and the beloved Hoppy followed us. Emma Kate was not excited that we had to take separate cars because she did not want to be separated from her MeMe and Hoppy.

This is her at the same place last year.....

And this year....

I cannot believe how big she has gotten!!


Paige Steel said...

Wow.. she is getting so big.. it is amazing to see how much she has changed in a year!!

Marsha said...

My #1 Question, is did you know any of the CSI Alabaster team members. I am always shocked to see who they let work for the police department.