Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Once we recovered from the Van Gogh incident, our weekend continued with a super fun playdate on Sunday afternoon. We met Ella Grace and Mary Mckinnon (can you tell we are from the south---all these double names!!!) at Hickory Dickory.
Emma Kate and Mary Mckinnon spent the afternoon trying to steal everyone else's toys. **Note to self: Bring toys to the playground in the future.
You would have thought the playground itself was enough fun, but I guess not.
Super-human Emma Kate decided to try a FULL ON pull-up on the monkey bars and was successful. Seriously, I knew at 4 months when it took 2 nurses, an Xray tech and "Amy" to pull her arms over her head for a chest Xray, that we were in fro some trouble. But the child has abnormal arm strength. It is scary.
Anyway, here are some pics from all that fun....

This child has no fear..."Mo Amy, Mo!"

Giving MM some love. They hugged so hard they fell down and knocked over that poor little girl in the blue shirt.

Chatting with our new firend Ella Grace.

Sweet Ella Grace posed perfectly. Mary McKinnon kept her eyes on her momma. Emma Kate let everyone know that a "pane" was flying overhead. She's kind of obsessed with planes.

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