Thursday, October 2, 2008

Names are fun!

So, we have had a lot of fun with names this week. For starters, I am still "Amy."
Emma Kate cannot say her "g" sound. That has caused a problem for my mother-in-law, AKA, Grandma and my grand-mother, AKA "Gram."
However, creative Emma Kate as solved that problem. She has renamed Grandma and Gram.
Emma Kate tried several names for Grandma. One day she called her "Ban." One day she called her "Kitty." She has settled on "MiMi." We don't know why or how she decided, but Grandma is now "MiMi."
Gram on the other hand did not do so well. After trying out several names (note: she comes up with these substitute name ALL on her own. We just sit back and enjoy.) she has decided her Gram will now be known as "BEAN." Yep, as in Lima, Baked or Green. Now, Gram has had several names. To me, she was always Grandmommy. While in kindergarten, my cousin Chase declared he would call her Grandmother. My other cousin Paige, calls her Gram. Others who know her and love her in our rather large family, and those who she has come to know and love as family all over the world call her Great-Great, Char, Charlotte, Grandma Charlotte, Char Char, and Mrs. Thompson. But leave it to Emma Kate to name her BEAN.
Emma Kate also has a new nick name. Every day when she walks in her classroom at school, the kids all yell her name. Well , their version of her name. Emma Kate is known to her fellow classmates as "ELMO!" I guess they heard her name and just likened it to their favorite character of all time.
I cannot wait until Thanksgiving. Maybe we can get Elmo, Bean and MiMi all together!

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Marsha said...

Son renamed my in-laws MIMI and Papa instead of Grandma and Grandpa. My kids are now th eonly ones who call them this.