Monday, August 31, 2009

"Seeees so yittle"

That is Emma Kate speak for "She's so little." She being Laura Elizabeth. Mom, Emma Kate and I had a whirlwind Saturday making many visits across the state. We started in Alabaster, to meet this little girl who was leaving the hospital for the first time.
Emma Kate loves her.
She loves me.
What can I say, I rock at being an Aunt. Just ask these guys. Then we headed over to see those guys at their house as they anxiously awaited their baby sister's (and mommy's) arrival home. Then, we ran over to MeMe and Hoppy's for a quick hello. We said good bye to Alabaster and headed south to Tyler, Alabama to see these folks. My grandmother (My Ma-Ma, EK's GiGi) has been ill on and off for a year. On Saturday, she looked great and even came outside to watch EK swim in the pool. It made my heart happy. My grandfather and I fixed supper and we had a great visit. We watched the Kennedy burial, which was poignant, since my MaMa is a Kennedy and my PaPa is a white-haired, red-faced Irishman. I see a lot of my PaPa in that man, minus the scandals. We are not sailors, but when those grand kids told stories of how they knew their grandfather loved them deeply because he had such a giving spirit, but, he could scare the beegeebees out of them when he yelled at them on the sailboat, I could relate. My grandparents are of that same mold. They are Irish-Catholic with the large family to prove it. They have big hearts, and give plenty, but do not talk about it or brag about it. Every time I see them, I learn a different lesson from them. When I was younger, it was how to swim or saddle my own horse. Nowadays, it is how to be a good person.
Anyway, we left there and headed home. It felt like we had been around the world and back. My heart was full because we had spent a little time with most of the people I hold closest to my heart. The only one missing was Mikey T, and he was waiting for us when we got home. I could tell he missed us, too.

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