Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New School and the Three Stooges

If you are a reader of this blog, you probably think something is odd about the title of this post? New school? Whose new school?
I have bragged and bragged on this blog about Emma Kate's school. And, I still feel that way. I love that place. I loved the curriculum. I loved the cute decor and the cheery gals that greeted us every morning. I loved that they fed Emma Kate a hot breakfast and they fed the parents every morning, too. I loved it.

Only one problem.

Emma Kate did not love it.
When we first put her there, she did. She loved everything that I loved about it. She loved her friends (as well at one-year-olds can love their friends). She loved her teachers. She loved it.
Then she was promoted. I was so excited. I was so proud. I was so happy.
She......was so miserable.
She did not like her new teacher, and they later fired that teacher because she was "mean." She did not like her new classmates. Most days, I picked her up and she would be in the corner, playing by her lonesome. She refused to be potty-trained. She got belly aches--a lot. She was bitten. She bit back. She. Was. Miserable.
When I finally admitted to myself that the school of my dreams may not be the school of her dreams, I realized there was only one other place she could go.
Remember these cuties?

Emma Kate's best friends, Mary McKinnon and Ella Grace. They go to school together at University Day Care here in Auburn. They are Emma Kate's age. WHY does Emma Kate go to some other school?? Suddenly, I knew what I had to do.
Emma Kate has spent two weeks at this school and she is a different child. She LOVES school again. Loves her teachers. L-O-V-E-S her friends. And LOVES using the potty. Yep, in two weeks, this school has her 99% potty trained with LITTLE TO NO help from me.
So now, the only question is, What the BLEEEEP took me so long?
Thanks to my friend, Allyson, for making the decision so easy and thanks to my friend Alicia for hugging my child every day ;-)

PS: Yes, Marsha, they paint Aubie on the wall at the daycares here. No Big Al in sight. Just thought I'd let you know.


The Fite Family said...

I am super excited about "the posse" finally being together. She seems so happy every afternoon when I pick up EG>

Marsha said...

I can't take it. I am moving there...can we just live with you...