Monday, August 3, 2009


Last year, my dear friend Allyson decided that we were going to have an annual reunion for our sorority pledge class. Last year, it was at Allyson's parent's lake house. It was so much fun, although only like 10 of us showed up. It is hard since everyone is scattered across the south east and beyond AND several were having babies!

We decided to do it at the lake house again this year. Although it had great potential, we had a small group of only 6 for the weekend. Out of 52 pledge sisters, that is pretty pitiful, but we don't care. We have a blast anyway.
When you are in college, away from home for the first time, your friends become your family. People can say what they will about sororities, but when you go to a big school like Auburn, you become a small fish in a giant sea. It was simply a way to have an immediate network. Older girls who could help you find your way to class, tell you what professors to avoid, set you up on blind dates, and the like and your pledge sisters who were experiencing the same exact things you were.
This is a small group from last year's tailgate

My years at Auburn were some of my best yet and I owe it to the girls that I laughed and cried with, lived and traveled with, learned and grew with. Over the years since graduation, everyone moved away and got married and drifts further and further away. It is hard to keep in touch and that is why I cherish the XO reunion weekend. I don't care if it is 3 or 30 girls, we always jump right back to September 21, 1996 when we all became linked together (right before the old barn burned down during the LSU game.)

This weekend was no different. We laughed. A LOT. We will do it again next year. Maybe it will be five of us. Maybe it will be all 52 of us. I hope that it is a large group, but either way, I will be there! It does my soul good to reconnect with these girls who were such a special part of my life during such a special time.
I have been sworn to not post pictures of US from the weekend, because lake water and sun burn does not a pretty picture make, so I will post this one inside joke for all my sista's.

Randy and his loving tribute to Sleepy Buddy.

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aedozier said...

Poor sleepy buddy!!! I had a blast too!!! I am ready for next year! Hooty Hoot!