Monday, August 17, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane........

Emma Kate knew that it was getting close. We stayed up later and got up earlier. Anything to squeeze in just a few more moments of being a family of four. Emma Kate held on tight.

But it was inevitable. Time keeps on slipping and so we sent Ashley back to Florida on Sunday. She is ELEVEN now, and a MIDDLE SCHOOLER, so she flies by herself.
But thanks to a very generous MeMe and Hoppy, that middle schooler returns to Florida with a new Mac Book.

And since that Mac Book has a built in web cam, last night, Ashley was able to read Emma Kate a bedtime story via Skype. By the miracle of the internet, that long distance between sisters just got much, much smaller. At least in this 2 year old's world.

Thank you, Skype.

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