Friday, September 26, 2008

Star Struck

Last Friday when we came for the pep rally, ESPN Gameday was shooting some pre-Saturday footage across from our tailgating tent. Mikey T was star-struck to say the least. He ran over and begged Kirk to come take a picture. When that didn't work, Mikey T decided no one, not even Kirk, could turn down a cute blond girl with big blue eyes. He grabbed Emma Kate and held her over the fencing to show Kirk he now had a baby.

Kirk did make his way over and offered to take pictures. Now a crowd had grown and Mikey T was affraid his attempts would be in vain. As Kirk became mobbed by the crown, Mikey T shouted (which is true) "HEY KIRK, she won't even watch Big Bird, but she'll watch you on Gameday!! Puh-lease take a picture with her!!"

So, finally, after some embarrasing (more for me, than him) BEGGING, Kirk came over, talked to Mikey T a bit and shot the picture.

Other family members got some pics too....

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