Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Some of you may know that Emma Kate was late to talk. Not too late, just late-r. It probably had something to do with that 4 month cronic fluid problem before she got tubes in May. And, as I was told by the speech pathologist, my talking fast didn't help.
Shortly after we got her tubes (in May) she began saying a few words. By the time "sissy" got here for her summer visit in July, Emma Kate could say "Ashley." She perfected "Daddy" and "Mo' (translation: more). She could tell you she wanted a "sippy" or that she was "all done" with her dinner. She affectionatley called my mother "ma-ma", my father-in-law "Hoppy" and her sweet, patient puppy "lucy."
We were really on our way. The entire time Ashley was here we tried to get Emma Kate to say "mommy." Even "Momma." Nothing. When she wanted me she would just point.
Ashley left in August and Emma Kate still would not say "mommy." Oh well, I could wait.
After Emma Kate had been to school one short week, the sentences came. "I wan' eat." "I wan' bath." and the most used phrase, "I wan' Daddy." Still, no "mommy."
One day, after work/school I was sitting on the couch watching my Ti-Vo'ed "The Hills," when Emma Kate walked right up to me, put her hand on her hip and said...............................
"Amy, I wan' candy, Amy."
There it was. The communication from my daughter I had waited for for 21 months. A full sentence. Perfect inflection. Communicating her need for candy to...."AMY???"
Now it is mid-September, and I am still "Amy." We have tried everything. Not answering to "Amy." Having EVERYONE call me "mommy." But still, all I get is "Amy."
We have now realized that all summer she heard her big sister calling me "Amy." And why would the little sister do any different? I mean Ashley calls Mike "Daddy" so in Emma Kate's eyes, Daddy is Daddy and Mommy is, well, Amy.
Hopefully, this phase will pass. In the meantime, I will just have to wait to hear my little girl call me "mommy."
I will write more later....Now I have to go........my daughter needs her "Amy."


The Rays said...

found your blog via facebook. i just had to tell you that my third child was born this summer, emma claire. we came very close to emma kate- it was actually my first choice- but in high school my best friends were emma, katheryn, and kate so we decided to go with claire instead. but you have a beautiful emma kate.

jennie (chi o pledge class)

Marsha said...

LOL. All I can say, is she must have your personality. It has to be done her way!