Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mighty, Mighty Raiders

Poor Mikey T. I mean, he has a wife and two daughters. He lives in a house with a female dog and a female cat. He lives on the same street as his Mother-In-Law AND grandmother-in-law. The poor guy cannot help but be surrounded by estrogen. So to cure this “problem” he informed me that he was going to coach Opelika Midget League football this year. I thought it would be great. He would get a weekly dose of testosterone-bonding and which may help his stress level. Ha.
Now that we are the “RAIDERS,” our whole life has changed. Every week, my husband gears up for 12 year-old-football like it is the Super Bowl. He sits quietly each night with his whistle around his neck and his dry-erase football board and comes up with new plays. He watches ESPN classic to see if he can be inspired by teams of yesteryear.
He had me type out a weekly schedule with more asterisks and graphics than most of my grants.
Usually, I thoroughly enjoy the Auburn games with Mikey T. We sit in our same seats that we have had for five years. We know all the peeps around us (although I am not a big fan of some). We usually high-five and hug on the big plays and whine and pout at the not-so-big plays. The game this weekend was a little different.
Mikey T suddenly analyzes every offensive play. EVERY PLAY. He tries to anticipate the play before the ball is snapped and he discusses is afterward. He talks to anyone that will listen: The guy behind us, the guy across the stairs, some guy in the bathroom. It is out of control.
In last night’s game, I saw a trace of Steve Spurrier. The RAIDERS were up 6-0, but the VIKINGS were on the move. As the pint-sized VIKINGS drove down the field, Mikey T got more and more frustrated with his tween Defense. Suddenly, the visor came off. All I could see was that shaved head nodding from across the field. I thought the visor was going to go flying. Thankfully, the VIKINGS could not get that last vital 1st down and the ball was returned to the RAIDERS with only seconds to go. Mikey T then coached the team to victory with a little (In his own words) CLOCK MANAGEMENT. No, really, he said that.
So, as of last night, the RAIDERS are 1-1. The DEVASTATING loss to the JETS last week was overcome by the inspired victory over the VIKINGS last night. Let’s just hope this is the beginning of a winning streak for the mighty, mighty RAIDERS. I am fearful for my husband’s sanity if it is not.

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