Monday, September 22, 2008

Pre-Game Bliss

Home game weekends in Auburn are always fun. There is just an excitement in the air. Everyone is feeling it. The guy at the grocery store who bags my groceries has an extra twinkle in his eye. The pharmacy tech at WalGreens takes "All Auburn, All Orange" to a whole new level. It is just plain fun.
So, Friday, I was so excited about how cute EK was going to be at the pep rally that night. I had made her a navy and white gingham dress with orange accents. I couldn't wait to take some really great pictures.
I picked EK up from school and quickly drove her home to put on her cute Auburn dress. I reached for her super cute navy and white polka dotted shoes. "Ready to put on your Aubie shoes?"
"NO, Amy."
"C'mon Emma Kate, they will be so pretty."
"No, Amy, wan' thees'." (Picks up bright pink crocs)
"No, Emma Kate, lets wear our blue shoes! They match our cute gingham dress! It is for Aubie!!"
Now screaming, "NO, wan these!! No, Amy, WAN THHHHEEESSSSSEEE."
OK, so I chose not to battle over shoes. Hey, she is an individual who likes pink crocs. What do you do?
We were headed out the door, with her cute pigtails--in bows, a super cute blue gingham dress with orange accents and hot pink crocs.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, Emma Kate spots her deflated swimmies from the summer....
"Wan swim."
"No, Emma Kate, we aren't swimming. We have to get back to campus quick so we get a good parking spot with mommy's AZONE. C'mon, let's go. Put the swimmies down."
"Wan swim,"
So, I realized that despite my efforts of trying to "put together" Emma Kate, she had come up with quite possibly the cutest look on her very own.
So we headed out the door with cute pigtails in bows, cute hand-made gingham dress with orange accents, pink crocs and swimmies.
She is definitely unique. I am calling Project Runway right now to find out where their next casting call is.

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