Friday, January 15, 2010

This and That

I haven't been taking pictures of the Nuggets games and I am sorry. This week I remembered right as the buzzer sounded. I took these......
They won, so thankfully we are still undefeated. Oh, and Mikey T got a technical. Oops.
Nothing much else going on, except the fact that we have created a monster. Emma Kate's friend Ella Grace takes dance at a local studio. She asked us to come to a class "just to see if Emma Kate likes it."
Well, we went, and she did. She put on her dancing clothes at 3:30. The class started at 6:15. She was so giddy on the drive there she could hardly contain herself. When she gets excited, she talks in this really goofy voice and rambles. The ride sounded like this:
"Haha, this is yike da way to school....but its not da way to school. hahaha. its da way to dance yike da way to school hahhaha, yike when we go to school dis way, but we go de other way when we go to school ha ha ha because we are going to tumble, i mean 'nastics, i mean dance hahaha."

When we came home, put on her new tap shoes and made us watch her tap dance in each bathroom for 15 minutes (each).
So, she loved it, both the tap and the ballet. It took me back to the first grade, when I took dance from the most graceful woman I have ever known. Mrs. Trotter was my school teacher and my dance teacher, a dear friend of my mom's and she was the perfect ballerina. Tall, bony, thin and beautiful. She had the patience of Job while trying to teach 14 little first graders how to stand in first position. When I watched Emma Kate in relevé with her arms over her head, I could almost picture myself doing the exact same thing 25 years ago. Wow.

I never got to thank Mrs. Trotter for lighting the spark that made me love dance for the rest of my life. Her beautiful life was cut very short by cancer, but I like to think that she knows and maybe even watched me watch my little girl put on those ballet shoes for the first time.
So, the jury is still out on if we will continue with dance or not, but if Emma Kate gets a vote I have no doubt what it will be.

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Jake Lee said...

Hi , I read some of your diary and find your daughter so lovely ,good luck .