Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I hate the cold. Hate it. Not a fan of snow. It is cold and wet and keeps me inside. Yuck. So thankfully, we have dodged any of the potential "blizzards" they have predicted so far this winter. But it has still be tooooooo cold for comfort. I think God knew exactly what he was doing when he planted me in the great state of Alabama, even if I am a blue dot in a red state.
So, after weeks of COLD, WET weather, something odd happened on Monday. The SUN came out. And it heated the plains.

We threw on sneakers, grabbed the dog and headed to the Kiesel Park dog pen. Auburn has a great parks and rec department and this is the cream of their crop. In the back of Kiesel Park, there are two large dog runs where dog owners who live in college apartments or small lots with no yards converge with their best friends.

It was so pretty out and there were dogs of every make and model for Emma Kate to pet, hug and chase around. But they were not her favorite. Lucy was.

Lucy, who turned 8 in December, played fast and hard. For fifteen minutes. Then she let us know that she was done.

Man, I love these three.

Then we took Lucy back to Unc's house, where she is temporarily staying, and rested while watching some TV.

It was a good day.

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