Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Friends and Good Times

It is so nice to have good friends with kids the same age as your own. Friendships are hard when you have kids, but when your kids are friends, it is just so much easier!!
Last Friday the girls took the little girls to dinner at Laredo. For all you Auburn Alum, you remember Laredo's as the place that would probably serve you a margarita, with or without your ID.
Now, it is our favorite place to take our little ones for a quick bite. Cheap, fast and already loud.
All three girls ordered the same thing, chicken nuggets and fries and each one probably ate 1 whole nuggets and three fries. Then they ran around and us mothers were trying to a. enjoy each other's company, b. eat our own dinner, and c. herd cats.
After dinner, we headed to Frog Legs (Allyson had coupons so it cost a total of $6.26 for the kids to jump!!) where we met our other friend, Laura and her little man, Brandon.
Emma Kate is in love with Ms. Laura. I am pretty sure that one day, if Ms. Laura isn't careful, Emma Kate is going to hide in Brandon's sleeping bag and stow away in her car.
The girls (and guy)had fun, as did the moms. At one point, Ella Grace, who DOES NOT like bouncy things, went half-way up the slide with her mom's help only to freeze when she almost reached the top. While Alicia tried to persuade her to continue, Allyson was stuck behind with Mary McKinnon and Emma Kate had little patience and just climbed over both moms and children. Laura and I were at the bottom laughing at the others. Allyson almost had to throw down Dothan-style when the workers were shooting us dirty looks for helping our kids down the slide, but we ultimately had an uneventful visit.

Emma Kate was sad to go and I promised we would return! When we got home she actually ASKED to go to bed because she had jumped her little heart out. (However, in true EK fashion, she did not fall asleep until 10:00).

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