Monday, November 2, 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Pneumonia

Let's start this post out with the cutest lil' Alice in Wonderland you have ever seen. I wasn't sold on the Alice costume, but Allyson talked me into it last minute since Mary McKinnon was going to be Cinderella and Ella Grace was going to be Dorothy. Suddenly, my bumble-bee didn't quite fit in. And since Emma Kate doesn't have the hair to pull off Snow White, we went with the Alice costume. When I got it in and slipped it on her, she was instantly Alice. Then Monday, our dear friends Alicia, Trae and Ella Grace had a sudden, tragic loss which took them out of our Thursday night-Halloween plans. Auburn moved Halloween to Thursday since it was a home game on Saturday and it would just be too dangerous and crowded for kids to be walking the streets.
Then Tuesday, I started coughing. And running a low fever. I ignored it. Wednesday, the coughing was worse. The fever was higher. MikeyT and Mom begged me to go to the doctor, but I just wanted to go to bed. As the night went on, the breathing got harder. I agreed to be the first one at the doctor on Thursday morning. After a miserable night, I was at the doctor's office at 7:00 am. First one to see the doctor. After checking my blood, giving me a flu test (have you had that? My sinus cavity has been violated), two breathing treatments, a chest X ray, a steroid shot and FIVE prescriptions, I was sent home with a diagnosis of PNEUMONIA.
I refused to let a lil' pneumonia keep me from being with my family and friends that night for Auburn's Halloween, so I 'roided up and sucked it in. We spent maybe an hour downtown and had a blast.
The girls were precious, though a little overwhelmed. Their outfits were a hit and people kept asking if Emma Kate's hair was real? Then we headed to our annual-Halloween-dinner-pizza-spot and had a nice relaxing dinner.

And. Then. I. Was. Done.

Pneumonia let me have that night, but that was it. It kicked me in the buttocks and didn't let me back up until today, which is still questionable.
I cried--hard--as I sent my baby girl, her Alice costume, and my husband to Alabaster. I was going to miss her birthday surprise Friday night at MeMe and Hoppy's. I was going to miss my nephews and baby niece trick-or-treating with my little Alice. I was sad. I was sick. I was miserable.
But, it was best. She needed to celebrate and have fun with her MeMe and Hoppy and cousins. She needed to visit with our Beck and Vic who were visiting MeMe and Hoppy. She needed to have fun. And she needed to be as far away from my germs as possible.
Emma Kate did indeed have a big birthday surprise, a big-girl-bike from MeMe and Hoppy and a Barbie cake with the barbie inside! Then she went trick or treating with Joseph, Matthew, Sean and Baby Laura. I hear they had a blast and I cannot wait to see the pics!!
My mom took excellent care of me. I rested, slept, and drank fluids all weekend. I ached and fevered and whined. And my family had lots of fun eating birthday cake and trick-or-treating.
I thank my in-laws, my brother and sister in law, my niece and nephews and Beck and Vick for taking care of my hubs and lil' Alice and I thank my mom for taking care of me.
Now, I am ready for EK's real BIRTHDAY weekend and I WILL BE HEALTHY for this one!!

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