Friday, November 20, 2009

Goodbye November!!!

Ok, this month has really stunk. November has a way of doing that in our family for some reason. Between the pneumonia and MaMa and a whole bunch of other stuff, it just plain stunk. But, in all that, there were celebrations.
Emma Kate turned three. Mom had a birthday. One of my favorite peeps in the world, Matthew has a birthday TODAY! He is five. How in the world five years have gone by since he was born, I have no idea. Then again, I cannot remember a world without Matthew in it. Life is funny that way.
So, amongst all that sickness and pain, we have had laughter. Mostly, from this stinker.
Three has brought about a lot of personality, not that she was lacking at all.
She sings. ALL. THE. TIME. Any words can be turned into songs. Melodies are also popular; one long rendition of War Eagle, Carryin' a Bumble Bee, Head and Shoulders and the theme song to her favorite tv shows are not rare.

And, she is loud. Very loud! She yells all the time. We are trying to teach her the difference between her outside voice and her inside voice. To this point, we are unsuccessful.
But, she does keep us laughing. It is so funny to hear a three year old vocabulary grow. I will try to remember to post the funny EmmaKateisms.
She is also into "I can do it." Like any three year old, she has had a sudden burst of independence and that has caused much laughter in our house. Her favorite is dressing herself.....
Yep, that is going well.
All and all we are ready to move on past Thanksgiving and into Christmas time. We already have a lot of fun things planned for December and hopefully it will be all smiles all month!

Ella Grace and Emma Kate at school