Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank you...

I would like to tell everyone thank you for your thoughts, calls, emails and prayers. It was a hard week, but we got through it.

On Tuesday, November 10 my sweet MaMa passed away with my two uncles, my mom and I by her side. It was a very touching moment that I will blog about some day, just not today.

Ann Kennedy Gallagher was an amazing mother to five, grandmother to 16 and great-grandmother to eight (I think that is correct?). She was a wife for 58 years. Her first born was born TODAY (Happy Birthday Mom!, but I won't say what year).

I have blogged about her before, but I cannot stress how giving, kind and humble she was. She is already greatly missed, yet I am comforted in knowing that her sweet spirit can now be with me every minute of every day.

Emma Kate knows that her GiGi is in Heaven. She said she wants to go there, too and asked if PaPa went with her. I explained that PaPa stayed here to watch Emma Kate grow, but that eventually we will all live in Heaven together. Friday night she was taking a bubble bath and I told her that her bubbles looked like a cloud. She told me "It does wook wike a cwoud. Yike the one that GiGi lives on in Heaven with God and Jesus."

Prayers are still welcome for my family, especially my PaPa who spent his first week without his wife since 1951.

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