Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Auburn Blues

It has been a hard three weeks to be an Auburn Faithful. As I was watching Auburn fail miserably to LSU on Saturday night, there was at least one Auburn fan among us whose spirit did not die. Not even after the "delay of game--on the defense---sideline interference--huh?" call. She was a true fan to the end. If you know Auburn, you know every word of the following Auburn medley. If you are not, I apologize, as you will have no earthy clue what this child is saying....War Eagle.

On Sunday, we shifted gears and went to the Auburn Women's Basketball scrimmage. I went to get out of the house. Mike went to watch basketball. Emma Kate went to see her boyfriend.


Amanda Harden said...

PRECIOUS!!!! She is a doll! I love her SPIRIT---it's Fearless AND True!!

Rory Gallagher said...

Such a cutie. And Emma Kate is adorable too. ;)