Monday, October 5, 2009

My little herpatologist.

Do you know what a herpatologist is? Emma Kate thinks she is one. It is someone who studies creepy-crawly things. Saturday the Auburn University Forest Ecology Preserve had their annual Creepy, Wonderful Critters program and we were there. Emma Kate loved it. She always loves these things.

How old was I the first time I held a snake? Oh yeah, I still haven't. This is EK's third time.

And her fourth time.....

She has no fear. Luckily, the real herpatologist giving the program, said snakes as pets for kids is not a great idea, because they generally live to be 40. FORTY years with a snake. Don't think so. But then, he said that a gecko is a great pet for kids. Yeah, thanks for that. Now, I have to really talk up the kiddo digital camera before birthday time so that EK forgets the word GECKO.

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