Tuesday, June 30, 2009


And we have Ashley. It was a whirlwhind trip with great moments at the beach and pool, wonderful times at the dance competition, sweet moments between sisters and stressful moments trying to work out the summer visitation schedule last minute so that Ash could actually come home with us. I swear, grown ups really know how to muck things up. Anyway, there was also revelations that I am, indeed, now 32; Emma Kate's new favorite food is crab; I still have a blood-sugar issue; Emma Kate loves to swim; Ashley is an amazing dancer and we are completely spoiled for having grown up visiting the Gulf Coast as opposed to the Atlantic Coast. Don't get me wrong, a beach is a beach, and is still better than NOT going to the beach. But the dirty sand and the cars driving up and down the beach just didn't do it for me like the sugar-sand beaches of Gulf Shores, Destin, Seaside and PCB.
Anway...I have a ton of work piling up on my desk that I must address before I begin to share all the funny stories from the week, so I will leave you with a few pics and a video for now....

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aedozier said...

WOW!! Ashley is an INCREDIBLE dancer!!! Glad yall had a ball and worked it out to get her here! I hope to meet her while she is here. MM keeps talking about EK...EVERYDAY!