Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is how we roll....

I am sorry my posts have been few and far between. I have been uber-busy at work (I thought summers were slow in higher education!!), I have been serving as a non-emergent shuttle for various family members (but I love them, so its okay), I have been sewing the dress Emma Kate and a friend will be wearing this Saturday night when they make their premiere as flower girls (yes I am terrified, more on that later) and I have been trying to explain that, while Sissy WILL be here very soon, she is not going to be here tomorrow (which is tragically difficult to explain to a two year old.).
But, we have been enjoying the summer heat this way.....
I also have tons of funny EK stories to share, as her little personality continues to amuse us daily. Back two weekends ago (you remember, the weekend o' basketball) Unc and I were driving EK home after a FULL day (sunrise to 10 pm) of gymnasium bleachers, buzz beaters and ref's whistles--not to mention way too much concession stand candy (can you say 4 pounds of Skittles???). MikeyT had stayed behind to watch some team that we were playing...blah blah blah, I get exhausted just thinking of it. But, I digress.
So, Emma Kate's new thing is driving around Auburn with her window down. She asks for it every time we get into the car. In addition, she demands that we listen the the T.I. cd (thanks Unc and Daddy, my daughter is now a hip-hop princess) so she can G-ride down College street.

(This is what it usually looks like..the head bobbing, the finger knockin' until, of course, she is distracted by some moo-moos)

This particular night, she got was she asked for. Window down, TI blaring, full-on G-Ride through the loveliest village on the plain. We would fit right in with the students, if only I didn't have a CAR SEAT and a GROWING ROOM magnet on the back of my car.

When we stopped at a red light, I did my normal mommy check to see if **fingers crossed** EK had managed to fall asleep in spite of our speakers booming. Instead, she had removed her shoes, un-buckled her bottom latch of the Lazy-boy of car seats and looks like this.....
Feet out the window!! I feel like this is a foreshadowing of her at 17 on the Strip at PCB. Scary.
"Laaaaaaid back, with my mind on my money and my money on my mind." Anyone remember that gem of a song? Thank you Snoop Dog.
I, like any "Mom of the Year" candidate, whispered to Unc to search the Mary-Poppins-carpet-bag--that is my purse-- and locate the camera. He did---and THEN I re-buckled her seatbelt.
So, this is how we roll. Word.

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The Fite Family said...

That pic of her going down the slide with her hands out and eyes squeezed shut is hilarious