Friday, March 26, 2010

My work Peeps!

I love the ladies I work with here on the second floor of the COSAM building! I am the baby of our bunch, but whenever a young lady turns 60 on our wing, they are treated to a ride of their life!! It started with my suite-mate, Betty, who turned 60 two years ago. The gals surprised her with a trip to her favorite lunch spot in the back of the Auburn Rickshaw. If you have been to Auburn on game-day, you have seen this guy out and about, earning his living!! So when the second of our lovely ladies was nearing the big SIX-O we planned the same special treatment without her knowing. She was surprised to say the very least! As she rode in her chariot through campus and downtown, we were in the car behind her honking the horn (to make sure EVERYONE saw her) and snapping quick pics with our cameras!
We had a fun time and a great lunch at 5Guys!

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