Friday, March 5, 2010


I have finally gotten over the whole haircut thing and I am ready to blog again! Really, I have been meaning to update for a week, but I kept forgetting my camera cord to upload pics, and I hate a blog with no pics.Yesterday, Emma Kate had her first dentist appointment. Miss Christi at Dr. Thompson's office was GREAT with Emma Kate.She wore sunglasses so that bright light didn't bother her and she let Miss Christi clean and count her teeth. When Dr. Thompson came in, she was a little scared of one of his tools, and bit down on it. She clenched it with her teeth and wouldn't let go. He had to beg her to open so he could have his tool back. Finally, he promised her a look into the prize box if she would let him finish. That was all she needed to hear. He finished her exam and all 20 of her teeth look great!
Half an hour and THREE prizes later, and we were out the door.