Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wrangling Cats...

There is no better phrase for the attempt to make a cute, group photo at Ella Grace's birthday party. After 45 minutes of jumping, tumbling, flipping, running, hopping and playing, we tried to get a "group shot." Maybe we didn't think that one through. 
In this first attempt, it looks as if once we get everyone seated, it will be a piece of cake. Check out Alisha in the far left.  Nice.
Mr. Frank tries to show everyone where to go, while the girls and Landon sit patiently.
Everyone but the Birthday Girl is ready to go.  Well, and Mary McKinnon making a silly face (under Mr. Frank)
Mary McKinnon returns to pretty face, while Omar makes an escape up the back. Mr. Frank catches him just about the time Ella Grace decides to tumble off the side. 
So close.....Half were in silly face mode and half were in pretty face mode. Mr. Frank now has Omar in his death grip.  Wooohooooo, Ella Grace! Over here!!
Semi-Success!!! I have no idea where Omar went, but at least everyone IN the picture is looking in the same general direction and has smiles on.  Time for CAKE!!!!!


The Fite Family said...

Amy Leigh, this is the funniest blog. The sad thing, it is such reality for us.

Whit said...

i like this blog