Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hot and Stinky.

Do you know what that title is referring to???? Our trip to the zoo last weekend!!! We thought it would be wise to take eleven 2 & 3 year olds to the Montgomery Zoo.   It was fun and crazy.  Very hot.  The hilarious thing is, the kids' favorite two spots?  The random stage in the covered pavilion  and the playground (which is like one of the 170 free playgrounds in the Lee County area). 
Mikey T gets a "Dad of the Year Award" because he was one of three dads in attendance. The men came in handy when it was time to lug the cooler around.  Mikey T has always been like a Daddy Daycare around little ones and the zoo was no exception.  Here is a shot of Mary Mckinnon and Emma Kate with Mikey T. Mary McKinnon affectionately calls Mikey T, "Uncle Mike."
Although it was hot, the kids and parents had a good time and I really liked the Montgomery Zoo. It was smaller than the Birmingham Zoo, which is where I went growing up, and that was a GOOD thing will all the little ones! 

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