Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We don't do anything easy around here. We like to jam pack our every minute with at least three activities. You know, in case we ever thought we could possibly be bored. For example, Christmastime.
It probably was not necessary for me to go shopping on Black Friday, rush home, and get back to Auburn for the Iron Bowl. It was probably not necessary for me to go back out on Black Saturday to finish what I had started the previous day.
And it was probably not necessary for me to rush home last Monday, change Emma Kate, rush back to campus in the rain for her picture with Santa Claus, only to wait in line for an hour.
Like it wasn't necessary for me to rush home on Wednesday, bundle up Emma Kate, rush back to Auburn to meet up with our BFF's for the Auburn Christmas Parade, then race to the car, head to Auburn High to meet up with Mikey T to watch the high school basketball tournament, you know, just for fun.
Kindof like it was not necessary for me to plan to go to the Friday nigh Fite Christmas party (which rocked by the way!!), then Saturday to get mine and EK's hair cut (super cute) and then to Birmingham, shopping with MeMe, then to Calera where we met our BFF's again for the Polar Express, the nephew's Christmas program on Sunday (at our old church, which I still miss) and then back to Auburn that night so we could make Mike's dentist appointment on Monday and my very important work meeting Monday afternoon.
Yeah, it probably isn't necessary for me to live like this..........................

but it sure is fun.


The Fite Family said...

Yes Ma'am is sure is fun, and I enjoy every minute of it with you girls!!!!

Marsha said...

I oh so love her hair.