Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just a few cars....

Emma Kate is well rounded. She loves to dance and loves to wear a tutu. She also loves books and her new favorite spot is the library.  For a long time, books ruled our home (which I loved).  Books were all she really ever "played" with.  In the bed, after dinner, in the was always books.  But, books are now a close  The girl is obsessed with anything with wheels.  She was also getting hooked on we started substituting rewards of any kind with cheapo toys.  She always chose a matchbox car. Now, we have so many we cannot even count them.  And, like books, she lines them up. By size. By color.  By whatever her imagination decides. She never really "vroom vrooms" them. Just lines them up and admires them.  It's a little OCD and a little hysterical.  The funny thing is, she has car collections everywhere. At Ma-Ma's house, Bean's house and MiMi and Hoppy's house.  She knows every car at every house and everywhere it is the same thing....."Can I play cars?"

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