Thursday, December 4, 2008

40 Things...

So, I was just "tagged" in an email to tell 100 things about myself. Um, no. That bores even me. So, instead, I am going to tell 10 things about each person in my family: Mikey T, myself, Ashley and Emma Kate. I will try to focus on things you do not goes.

Mikey T:

1. He and his brother work for the same company, ADT.
2. He loves the PlayStation 3. He plays until the weee hours of the morning.
3. We are very competitive in the video gaming world. We used to play Madden 94 on the Sega instead of go to movies like most normal teenage couples.
4. I can beat him at Tiger Woods---any year.
5. One time, he was playing in a golf tourney in Tennessee and they had to stop because a man had robbed a bank, escaped on foot, and was hiding somewhere on the golf course. They caught him hiding in a creek just off the 10th green. Playing resumed.
6. I cut his hair. OK, I shave his head.
7. He takes very good care of me when I am sick. He is a much better nurse than I am. And a better patient than I am.
8. His dad is his hero. And I agree.
9. His pelvis is still broken.
10. He is my best friend.

1. I have OCD. Not to a debilitating extent, but it is noticeable. This could be ten things on its own. A few of my OCDs include--any screen around me has to be smudge proof. This is getting harder with all the tech gadgets being touch screen. Ick. My blinds have to be facing down. If they are facing up, I get queasy. I have a thing for even numbers. I count stairs. I look at the corners of every room I enter. There are more, I know, I am worse than Monica on friends.
2. I graduated in Political Science which only required one math class and now I work for the College of Science and Mathematics.
3. I have to stay and sing the Auburn Alma Mater even after a horrid loss.
4. I want to learn more about photography and I want a super-duper camera.
5.My mom had poison control on speed dial after I ate a glass, Christmas tree ornament, dipped dogwood berries in expired pepto bismol and ate them and talked my older brother into cutting off the bottom of a children's Tylenol bottle so I could eat them....all. I wonder where Emma Kate gets it from?
6. I have three different novels floating around in my head and will probably never sit down to write them.
7. My best friend from college had so much in common it was scary. We are both democrats, don't talk to our fathers, have random medical problems, our mothers are teachers, are creative and crafty, dig politics, and the list goes on.
8. I only have one saliva gland. You have two.
9. I eat salt and sour cream on everything. Anything.
10. I hate mayonnaise and mushrooms. Together or separate.


1. She is the most talented dancer I have ever seen. And I watch a lot of "So you think you can dance."
2. She is super smart--always on the honor roll.
3. She is a great big sister.
4. She never forgets anyone's name.
5. She had an outy belly button, until she had an emergency appendectomy and now she has an inny.
6. She could stay in the pool from sun up to sun down.
7. She can beat her Hoppy at pool/billiards.
8. She can beat anybody at Wii bowling or tennis.
9. She loves board games. We play board games every time she is home---all day and all night.
10. We miss her everyday.

Emma Kate:

1. She was a preemie.--but she weighed 7 lb., 9 oz.
2. She had level 4 reflux and threw up 10 times a day until she was 8 months old.
3. She learned to crawl at 5.5 months, one day before I had knee surgery.
4. She skipped baby food. She went from reflux formula to table foods(as per the doctor's orders and because she refused to let me feed her).
5. She still calls me Amy about 50% of the time.
6. She kisses a picture of her sister goodnight every night. She started this on her own.
7. She prays every night for Joseph and Matt Matt. Others come and go in her prayers, but Joseph and Matt Matt are constants.
8. When she was 18 months old, she opened my grandmother's front door and walked halfway down the street to my mother's house before we even knew she was gone. We didn't even know she could open the dang door!
9. She has asthma and eczema. Boo.
10. She has a high tolerance for pain. I guess because her stomach and esophagus were on fire for the first year of her life. She doesn't cry when she gets a shot...just really, really mad.

So, that is it. 40 things that you may or may not have already known about me and mine.